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We have begun pre-production of our latest film. Set in Sochi after World War Two, three scientists perform a harrowing experiment on five Russian political prisoners. To find out more please visit our In Production page.

Reflections focuses on the main Character Susan. She is married and has been having a secret affair for the last year, due to the violent nature of her husband she has never been able to confront him with her love for Ian, who she has been seeing.

As Ian reveals details of their affair to Susan's husband, a violent and traumatic set of events is set in motion which Susan could never have imagined. The trailer and other information about Reflections can be found here.

Innocent Violation

Innocent Violation has been released to film festivals!


The film focuses on the conversation between Emily, and Simon, the man who took advantage of Hannah, Emily's 14 year old daughter. More information about this controversial short film can be found here.

To Make Me Feel Your Love

One of Dark Form's productions' To Make Me Feel Your Love, focuses on the interaction between two female leads Lisa and Heather. It brings in to focus just how stereotypical roles transcend gender and how, even with two women, there is a definitive correlation with the existing patriarchal system in our society.

The 14 minute short film is currently on the international short film festival circuit, and is now on general release. You can find out more about this film here.

Music Production

The Lost Highway

Coastline was the first music video to be made by Dark Form Productions and can be viewed by clicking here. This was the result of a collaboration between Dark Form Productions and The Lost Highway band and we have since produced a second music video – It's A Boy, taken from their outstanding album Alpine Skier. Any performers or bands wishing to showcase their talent via a video, should contact us at Dark Form Productions. We believe in not just producing excellent music videos but in exploring what each band represents, highlighting the best of their music and illustrating the talents of the individual participants.

Our Partners

Since our establishment in 2006 we have worked extensively and exclusively with The Lost Highway, who have produced the music scores for all our previous productions. You can find out more about this exciting industrial band here.


Since 2010 we have been supported by the Whitefield Community Hall based in the heart of Glasgow City. They are a charity who provide excellent services for the local community of all ages. Please take a moment to view the facilities and help they offer.

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